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Welcome to Veduta Global

We are Veduta Global Limited and intermediating capital globally is our goal. We believe that there is no shortage of capital in the world and that acute distribution constraints, occasioned by the absence of linkages, causes capital imbalance that leads to local shortages of capital.

These capital imbalances prevent the maximisation of profit opportunities across multiple sectors globally. Our goal is to bridge those gaps by extending linkages from areas of availability to areas of need and shortages and thus create income maximizing opportunities for ourselves and our partners.

We define capital loosely, it is everything that contributes to production. It is land and natural resources, people and human capital, technology and know -how, it is guanxi and social capital, a market and offtakers. It may even be money; debt, equity and hybrids thereof, but most of all it is the power of a good idea.

It is why we exist, to bridge capital and maximize value: globally.

Now you know why we are, should you have needs that require our expertise, or a reason to better understand how we do what we do, or you just want references of our previous intermediations. Just contact us.

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Project Development and Consultancy

Veduta Global Limited has a prime focus on real estate and infrastructural project development across multiple markets - the company supports real estate and infrastructural development projects across Africa. We are able to support Project development efforts from conceptualisation to final delivery through or vast network of operational partners. For Project References and Further Details, Please contact us.

Structured Financing

Veduta Global Limited is able to lend its support and those of its financing partners towards providing structured financing solutions for viable projects across global markets. Our operating credo that there is no shortage of capital in the world just short capital bridges enables us to provide innovative financing solutions that go outside the box to solve capital bridging challenges for proven projects and viable products. Contact us for references or with enquiries.

Commodities Trading

Veduta Global Limited trades and supplies a range of commodities across Asia, Africa and the Americas. Our strength lies in our global supply base that covers almost every major commodity producing country around the world. Leveraging on this strength, we are able to provide our customers and partners the confidence and comfort of trading with a company that offers competitive pricing, innovative financing and an efficient service. For more details, and a copy of our product prospectus please contact us.